Tips To Get Your House Ready for Sale

Moving resources - 7 tips to get your house ready for sale

Your real estate agent has given you the green light to put your house up for sale. Now what? Put your home’s best foot forward and impress potential buyers with 7 simple staging tricks.


The best thing you can do when preparing your home to sell is to de-personalize the space. You want potential buyers to be able to see themselves living there which can be hard to do if there’s too much of your mark on the house. Go around taking pictures off the wall, removing memorabilia and collectibles, and storing statement pieces that may play into people’s tastes. A rule of thumb is to try to rid your house of a third of your belongings. The easiest way to give yourself space while keeping your possessions protected is to put your belongings temporarily into storage.


Not everyone is a pet lover. Your friend Spot maybe what makes your house a home, but potential buyers may not see it the same. If you’re planning to have people walkthrough, put away your pet’s belongings. The last thing you want to do is give others the impression your home is not clean. Consider leaving your furry friend with others while your house is on the market. This will help keep your home tidy and avoid any misconceptions.


Selling your home is a great time to purge excessive stuff. Decluttering is not only therapeutic, but can make the move to your new home easier. Before putting your home up for sale, go through the exercise and decide what you’d like to keep, donate and trash.

Storage is something every buyer is looking for in a new space. You can bet that potential buyers will open every cabinet and closet in your home. Organize your drawers and closets with this in mind. Consider only leaving behind your daily essentials.

Lighten Up

Good light in a home is another feature buyers look for in a house. Make your home bright and cheery so others can see your home’s potential. Increase the wattage in your light bulbs, take down drapes and blinds and move furniture away from windows. A simple trick to brighten a room is to paint it white or a light neutral – a perfect solution for those rooms that lack natural light.


It can be hard to predict when a showing will happen. Your home needs to always be in tip-top shape for when you get a call.

Keep your space show-ready by keeping it clean. Clear off countertops, clean floors, dust furniture, take out the garbage, tidy up shelves and put away your dishes. It can be an inconvenience, but keeping your home appointment-ready can help get your home sold sooner.



A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Repair any wear-and-tear on your home before putting your house on the market. Quick fixes like replacing door handles, putting up new curtains, fixing leaky faucets, changing cabinet hardware and re-caulking tubs and sinks can easily upgrade your home without the huge expense. An important rule to keep in mind is to only make updates that will pay off. Undertaking a full renovation may not give you a bigger ROI and in some cases, it could put you in a negative after sale.

Give Your Home Curb Appeal
Care for your home inside and out. Spruce up outside with a little lawn and garden maintenance. Mow the lawn, trim shrubbery, weed your garden and add a little colour where it’s due.

Also take inventory of what needs to be done to the exterior of your home. Clean windows, pressure wash your home, fix anything that’s coming undone and tidy it up with paint. If you’re going to add a coat of colour, stick to neutrals.

You can get top dollar without the hassle of renovation. Not all sellers take the time to stage their home when listing their home. With a few simple staging tricks, you’ll be at a greater advantage to get your home sold sooner.

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