Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading services

We’ve perfected loading your belongings over the years of moving Canadians across the country. With full-service moving, we’ll have you impressed with the methodical way we load your truck or container.


We care for your home as much as we care for your belongings. Before a single carton is put onto our truck, we protect your house from any potential knicks or scrapes. Floor runners will be laid and bannisters will be wrapped to ensure your house is exactly how we found it.


On moving day, a record detailing what items went onto our truck will be taken by your driver. The listing gives us a clear idea of what should come off our truck at your new home. At your destination, you’ll be able to verify every carton and piece of furniture that’s unloaded off the truck and into your new home.

Condition Assessment

We note the condition your furniture is in prior to loading it onto the truck. This gives you an accurate view of what your items should look like when they arrive at your new home. Our Customer Care team is always happy to handle any concerns you may have about your belongings.

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