Surprising Things Movers Will Not Move

Moving resources - Things Movers Won't move

Regardless of whether your belongings will be loaded into a truck or moving container, there are a few everyday items that are dangerous to transport or require special handling. It is important to know what those items are to avoid packing them. Here’s a list of common items you should never pack when moving.


Frozen food, partially opened food, foods in glass jars, plants, produce, etc.

Skip grocery shopping in the week leading up to your move out day. You can donate your non-perishable items to your local food bank if you don’t want to take any items with you. Another idea is to enlist help from friends and family. Invite others over to have an eclectic Cleaning-Out-Your-Fridge Dinner.


Plants, flowers, shrubs etc.
Plants and flowers are also on the mover’s do not pack list. Depending on where you’re moving to, some places are sensitive about introducing new plants and may require a license to import. If you’re keen on bringing some greenery with you, ask your move expert whether or not your new city will allow it.




Jewelry, Cash, Gold, important documents, etc. Whether or not a moving company is willing to move such items, you should consider keeping these with you during your move. They are generally hard to replace items.


Oven cleaner, toilet cleaners, liquid plumber, drain cleaner, household cleaners, lye, acids (sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric muriatic), batteries, motor oils, etc.

Avoid packing any corrosives including common cleaning products. Give away leftover items to friends, family, neighbours or even new tenants.


Matches, fuel tablets, barbecue starter pellets, hay or straw, wood chips, gas, cleaning fluid, lighter fluids, paint, paint thinners, barbecue starter, glues, resins, kerosene, sterno, naphtha, acetone, alcohol, lamp oil, nail polish etc.

If you’re unsure if an item is flammable ask your move expert. They will be able to you whether or not you can take it with you. Your local waste organization or fire department can also tell you how to dispose of the items safely.

Gases and Oxidizers

Any gases under pressure or liquefied, propane, quick start, oxygen, acetylene, helium, household or industrial fuel, aerosols of any kind, hair spray, antiperspirant, paint cleaner, butane lighters, propane tanks, any kind of bleach, disinfectants, organic peroxides, fertilizers of any kind, swimming pool chemicals, hair bleach, chlorine in any form; chemistry sets, etc.

It can be dangerous to load gases into an enclosed trailer which is why movers won’t move these items. If you these items cannot be transported, you will want to double check what is the best way to dispose them.


Pesticides, herbicides, cygon, fumigants, wood preservatives, creosote, photographic chemicals, etc.

Poisons can be hazardous if handled incorrectly. Save yourself the trouble and avoid packing such items. Talk to your move expert on how to dispose them.


Wine, beer, preserves, etc.
If you have a collection you’re particularly proud of, tell your move expert who will be able to refer you to a special service. Otherwise, this is the perfect excuse to throw a party!


Ammunition including, bullets, shotgun shells, fireworks, detonators, blasting caps, etc.
Your move expert will be able to direct you to appropriate handling services. Under no circumstance should you leaves these items unattended.

The list could vary depending on where you’re moving to. It’s best to double check with your move expert for a comprehensive list of the packing do’s and don’ts, especially if moving to the U.S. or overseas.

If you have some items you’re unsure of that were not mentioned on the list, the safest thing to do is to contact a professional mover for advice. They will be able to tell you how the item is best handled.

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