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Moving With Containers

Moving with containers offers a number of unique benefits. Whether you’re moving across the country or looking to declutter your home, Mayflower Canada’s container system makes moving and storage easy.

Do-It-Yourself moving is as easy as it looks. You can pack and load your container at your own pace without others handling your belongings. Mayflower Canada’s Do-It-Yourself moving system is the country’s best-in-class solution for long distance self-moving. With our Member network of trained drivers and quality containers, your items will be delivered to your new home with care. 

You’re not limited to loading the container yourself if you don’t wish to. Our trained professionals are happy to pack and load your belongings into the moving container. Its one more way Mayflower Canada makes moving easy for you and your family. 

No matter how or who you choose to load your container, we’ll drive it to your new home. 

When you use a container for your move, you have flexible delivery options. If you’d like your items expedited or stored for longer, we can work with your schedule to ensure your belongings arrive when you need them to. 

Containers are an affordable short-term solution for storage. You can load your container as full as you’d like and we’ll store it until you’re ready to access your stuff. A benefit of storing your belongings with a container is that your treasures will remain in the same container they were loaded in. With Exclusive Use options available with Mayflower Canada, the only person who has access to your items is you.

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