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Do-It-Yourself Moving

At one time, moving yourself meant renting a van, loading it up and worrying about the driving. Moving truck rentals can be almost as stressful as moving itself. Thankfully, Mayflower Canada offers better solutions for those looking to self-move where you leave the driving to us. 

Moving containers are great for temporary storage, making the unpacking and organizing of your new home a little less stressful. We pride ourselves on offering this one-of-a-kind service to bring you peace of mind during an important life milestone. Here’s what you can expect from your do-it-yourself move with a Mayflower Canada moving container.

Send us the details of what you plan to move and we can recommend which container best suits your belongings. Our moving containers come in a number of sizes to accommodate different sized shipments.

Give us a call or book your move online. We’ll secure your moving containers for your move.

The morning of your move, we will drop your container off at your doorstep. You have 8 hours to load the container from the time it’s dropped off.

Every moving container conveniently comes with equipment to properly protect your household items. The amount of straps, skins and pads included in each container varies with its size. Walkboards are also included in the event you require them.

Quilted furniture pads are used to wrap wood pieces and upholstered items. For heavier items, burlap skins can be used to cover those pieces.

Once you’re done wrapping your goods and loading them into the container, tie off your shipment with the provided straps to secure them. 

Insert your own lock into the latch once you’ve finished loading your container. You are required to use your own lock as this is not provided with the container to ensure the privacy and protection of your goods.

Once you’ve locked up your container, it’s our turn to take over! We’ll drive your container to your new home so you don’t have to worry about the fuel economy or journey. Our certified drivers understand how important your cargo is and are fully committed to ensuring it arrives in a safe and timely manner. When booking your move, you can schedule your delivery with your moving professional. 

A driver will call the day before to arrange the delivery of your container. Once it’s dropped off at your new residence, you have 8 hours to unload the container. When you’re done unloading your container leave all the equipment the container originally came with inside for the drive to pick up.

We recommend you obtain any parking permits that may be required to drop the container off ahead of time.

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